We Introduce our valuable as partnership concern formed for the purpose of carrying out the supplying Guards for Industrial Security Service all over India under the Name & style of M/s GAUTAM SECURITY & MANPOVER SERVICES, FF-12, Bhagwat Complex, R.C.Technical Road, Sola Bhagwat, Ahmedabad -61 in the year 1994.

The Company M/s GAUTAM SECURITY & MANPOWER SERVICES commenced operations in the year 1994 with a small contract at Gandhinagar.


Our Company as on date is the market leader in the security business. The client list that you may see has only industrial houses and work sites.

As on date we are associated with R.L.C. India where the world’s biggest downstream refinery is going to commence construction.

The Young and efficient team of professionals that we all are have always put in efforts to personally supervise operations at our various worksites. Emphasis has mainly been on giving our security guards a comfortable place to stay with salary on time. It would not be very surprising if we may be the largest employer of Ex- servicemen in India with a workforce of 1500 personnel’s. Through numbers may not be high but we can assure you that the quality of manpower certainly is.